Choosing a hosting service for your company's website can be both confusing and time consuming. There are dozens of hosting services offering a wide array of features at varying prices. Here are three tips to be sure you choose the right one:

  1. Look for Promotional Pricing

Website hosting companies often offer promotional pricing to get you in the door, which can save money. Look for a money-back guarantee as a risk-free way to ensure you're satisfied with the service. Be sure you can also transfer domain names you've purchased through the service.

  1. Be Sure the Pricing is Honest

Some web hosting services throw out a great price, but it includes only the bare minimum of tools for your site. Want email? That's extra. How about an e-commerce store? Extra. SEO tools? You know the answer. Know exactly what tools and services you need going in and exactly what they'll cost you.

  1. Make Sure the Service is Worth the Savings

The biggest complaints about lower-price web hosting services are slower uploads and greater downtimes. Be clear on your hosting service's uptimes and load times. Paying a little more to ensure you get good quality can help your small business thrive.

Published on: Dec 11, 2017