Running a small business means facing an ongoing series of ever-evolving challenges. One particularly powerful tool to help you meet these challenges is customer relationship management (CRM) software. Here are three ways CRM can help you stay in control of your growing business. 

1. Sales automation: 

CRM can give small businesses the ability to visualize their pipeline, create influential forecasts for future sales, and grow their business for the long term. It can also track business leads and new prospects that arrive through your company's website, create new tasks for you, and remind you when it's time to connect with existing customers and prospects. 

2. Email marketing functionality: 

CRM marketing automation tools can provide an email designer and the capability to segment email automation efforts based on target audiences, locations, or other parameters that you set. Utilizing this feature saves time and amps up your "cool" factor. 

3. Landing page integration. 

As prospects land on your website, you can track their actions and see which pages they linger on the longest. If they submit a form through your website, you'll capture all of their relevant customer information, which is then automatically stored in your CRM database. This data will be accessible to your entire team, from sales to marketing, and can be used to refine your lead generation efforts and positively impact your business's bottom line.