If you’re wondering what you can try this year to capture the ready-to-buy audience of online holiday shoppers, you’re in the right place. Here are three tactics that can help you boost online sales for your small business in 2017.

  1. Execute strategic holiday email campaigns. Email produces $38 of return-on-investment for every $1 spent. Sending a series of marketing-focused emails during the holiday season is an easy way to promote special deals. Automate your campaigns so they are triggered based on email subscriber activity, making it a hands-off effort.
  1. Test social media ads. Using platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you can reach a larger portion of your target demographic and encourage sales to new customers with first-time order discounts. Be open to testing different strategies, and start with a small budget to see what gets the most traction.
  1. Offer free perks and extras. Free gift wrapping or a bonus gift item for orders over a certain dollar amount can help incentivize customers to make larger purchases, which will increase your average order value. To find out what would be most valuable to your demographic, survey your audience and ask them.
Published on: Dec 4, 2017