It takes less than a second for someone to form an impression of you when you first meet. Bad body language can rob you of sales, jobs, and even new relationships. Are you making these body-language mistakes? 

Slouching. Hunched shoulders, poor posture, and a slumped position that makes you seem smaller than you are, are all signals that you lack confidence or don’t care about this meeting. So, stand tall, straighten your spine, and stand or sit with your shoulders back and relaxed to project a better image. One thing to avoid: Raising your chin is a sign you feel superior to the person you’re speaking with. 

Not making eye contact. Failing to meet the other person’s gaze suggests you’re disengaged or have something to hide. But too much eye contact is creepy. Aim for making eye contact half the time when you’re speaking and 70 percent of the time when the other person is.

Bad handshake. There are so many ways to get this wrong. Being too limp, too strong, or putting your other hand on top of the handshake are all no-nos. A one-handed grip that’s firm without being crushing is generally the way to go.