Social media has become an important component in the lives of many consumers - as well as a marketing opportunity for businesses. ViSenze surveyed more than 1,000 U.S. consumers about their browsing and social media habits and found that 75 percent of consumers are inspired to purchase by image and video content seen online. 

More than half of consumers surveyed by ViSenze said they prefer online shopping to in-store shopping. But, the majority (52 percent) cited they often experience difficulty finding products they seek online. And while 80 percent have never made a purchase from a “buy” button on social media, almost half of respondents watch video content on retailers’ websites while shopping.

This represents an opportunity for small businesses that use social media marketing to fill in the gap. The ViSenze researchers also reported that 68 percent of consumers are open to recommendations for alternative items if the product they are interested in is out of stock or temporarily unavailable. So, add video, which is popular with social media users, to help them learn more about your products, and give them options when their regular brand or product is hard to find or out of stock.

Published on: Dec 2, 2017