For small business owners, tax time can be brutal-;especially if you owe Uncle Sam some dough. Often, money-related stress is related to a feeling of helplessness, so choose a simple action (such as selling some things on Craigslist or making a budget) that you can implement immediately to have a positive impact on your financial picture. Make a list of things you can and can't control, and show it to a trusted friend or advisor to see if they come to the same conclusions--they might see it more objectively than you can. Embarrassment or shame about financial problems may cause you to avoid acknowledging them and asking for help, but this can lead to the problem becoming worse or spiraling out of your control.

Also, you can't be thrifty all the time. After saving all week by having dinner at home, treat yourself to a weekend dinner out with friends. When you do choose to spend discretionary income, make it count by focusing on activities that are primarily social in nature, so you get to spend time with family and friends.