Instagram is a great platform for small businesses. Find the right niche, which can help give you a clear mission, and help your followers immediately understand what you're offering, says Kiki Von Glinow director of growth & analytics at The Huffington Post and the creator of their #DoItForTheInsta newsletter.

Also, don't be afraid of hashtags. New Instagrammers have an aversion to using hashtags; they worry that if they have too many, they might look desperate. But hashtag use is the key to discoverability on Instagram, Von Glinow says. To get a sense of which hashtags might be most engaging for your niche, check out the tags being used on similar accounts. Then try entering one of those tags in the search tab to see a list of related tags. If you scroll through those suggestions, you can dig into the full web of related tags. "Try a few, and see if you notice an uptick in likes and follows," Von Glinow says. "My bet is you will!"