One of the best ways to build a company is to build a community around your brand. One of the most efficient ways to do this is by creating a Facebook group that offers real value to members.

Creating a community builds a sense of loyalty. Not only do members feel connected to your company, but they'll rely on the content and relationships built within the group. While you don't have to give away every hard-won piece of knowledge you've ever gained, you should share high-level wisdom that your audience may not know. Here are some other tips to create a successful group: 

  • Don't get greedy: Distribute good content, interact with members, and promote useful discussions. While you can make the occasional sales pitch or offer, don't be overly promotional or try to hard-sell members or you will risk losing their trust and interest.
  • Add in educational videos: Use video to build a relationship with the group. Video lets you get in front of your community, put a face with your name, and help members feel like they are getting to know you.
  • Exclusivity is key: No one wants to be a part of an open group that anyone off the street can join. Always make your Facebook groups closed and require those who wish to join to answer qualifying questions. Not only will you make the members feel like the group has more credibility, you’ll also help weed out spammers.
Published on: Dec 6, 2017