It’s Election Day and a good time to remember that small businesses play a large part in keeping the American economy running. You should certainly know who your congressperson and senator are, based on where your business is located. Try to meet their top aides and staff because you’ll want to build a relationship with these people in the event you have an issue to discuss in the future. Additionally, if you are a fast-growing company, at some point there could be hurdles to clear at the local level. 

In addition, you might need to work with city and county leaders on the required permits for your business, as well as real estate, hiring, payroll, and transportation issues. So, as with your congressperson, get to know these oficials and make sure they understand what is important for your small business. 

Small business owners should also use their collective voice on issues that are important to them. If you feel strongly either way about minimum wage, immigration, regulation, family leave, or if you have a new idea that could be executed through policy, tell someone. Try to get as many other business owners involved as you can, and send a joint letter to your leaders early in the transition cycle.

Published on: Nov 7, 2017