Being a small business owner means that you need to continually stay on top of trends and innovation, but you've also got to develop new skills to grow your company. The primary reason for personal development can be summed up by the saying, "What got you here, won't get you there."

At this moment, you are programmed for your current level of success. You also have the skills that got you where you are. But if you plan on excelling and going even further, you need to acquire new knowledge. Period.

Most entrepreneurial, freedom-seeking types are always looking to improve themselves. While they are happy with what they have, they also know they have more potential. Personal development helps tap into that.

Personal development and entrepreneurship are intricately linked. It's difficult to be a good leader without having an understanding of yourself. And you can't expect to reach your full potential without acquiring new skills. That's why you see so many successful people investing in their own self-development. And why you should, too. So, whether it's a conference you want to attend, a class you want to take, or a leadership role you're looking to assume, seek out the professional development opportunities you most need and make a plan to take advantage of them.