At companies that are recognized for having a great corporate culture it's common to hear that a family-like feeling prevails. At Vivax Pros, the home improvement firm started by CEO Jeremiah Owen 13 years ago, it's more than just a feeling: His mother, father, sister, and uncle have been involved in the business with him since the very start, and those ties that bind are evident throughout the company. "As a team, we're extremely protective of the culture we've created here, and maintaining the values of a family-owned company absolutely informs that culture," Owen says.

Owen launched Vivax Pros with the goal of raising the bar in the home service industry in the greater Denver area. Its mission statement promises dependability, efficiency, and amazing customer service--qualities that customers often find lacking in their dealings with home improvement contractors.

To deliver on that promise, Vivax Pros relies on promoting and upholding a strong corporate culture. "We make it our business to have ongoing communication with every single employee regarding budgets, promotions, raises, home ownership, and whatever else is going on in their lives," Owen says. "We're always trying to identify the needs and desires of our employees so that we can constantly upgrade and ensure their financial security and happiness, no matter what their role or department."

While many companies boast of having an open-door management style, Vivax Pros goes one step further and embraces a "no-door" policy: The CEO's desk sits out in the middle of an open-plan office, and anyone is free to approach him about any issue at any time. The company also uses Glassdoor and other anonymous employee-survey and review tools to gather additional feedback. Meanwhile, the office also boasts a CrossFit gym with a climbing wall, and the company hosts happy hours, holiday parties, employee outings, and numerous team-building exercises and competitions.

"We are often told by potential new employees that the atmosphere in our office seems laid back, but we are clearly afforded that luxury due to the intense, hard work coming from all ends," Owen says. "The feelings of family are palpable in every aspect of the business, from how we treat our customers and crews to the way we treat each other inside the office."