Ever dreamed of becoming a full-time blimp pilot? Or entertain the thought of designing and arranging the plants on a film set? Didn't even know that was a job? Well it is, and it could be yours.

The team over at voucher and coupon code site Savoo compiled a list of 15 well-paying dream jobs you didn't know existed, proving that if you haven't found your dream job yet, maybe you're not looking hard enough.

From professional ice cream taster to ethical hacker to Hollywood stunt person, your calling is out there--even if you've never heard of it. To be fair, you probably already know that some of these jobs exist. But if you're stuck daydreaming at your land-bound desk, what better way to pass the time than take to the skies in your dream blimp (for $70k a year, to boot).

Below, feast your eyes on 15 dream jobs you (probably) didn't know existed: