There's a reason why Silicon Valley investor and Netscape co-founder Marc Andresseen has more than 280,000 Twitter followers--and it's not just because he has deep pockets. The man loves to share his thoughts online.

In fact, this venture capitalist is known just as well for his $4 billion venture capital firm as he is for unleashing his frequent, long-form Tweetstorms. Andreessen averages 164 tweets per day. (Maybe he's just getting his money’s worth for that $80 million investment he made in Twitter back in 2011.)

Andreessen's collection of 50,000 tweets (former Wired writer Joe Flaherty estimates this clocks in at roughly the equivalent of five to 10 Dan Brown novels) is chock-full of inspirational--if somewhat cynical--gems for entrepreneurs. Check out a a sampling below:

Obstinancy can be a virtue:

Don't lie to yourself:

Know your competition:

Not knowing what you're doing in the beginning is totally normal:

But don't ever get too cocky: