Compassion is obviously a good quality in a person. But what's often ovelooked--and equally important--is the need for self-compassion.

People who have compassion for themselves are happier, more optimistic and more grateful than those who are harder on themselves, according to research compiled by Happify, a company that builds online games designed to boost personal satisfaction and happiness. The company adds that self-compassionate people are also better able to forgive others, lower their risk for depression and stress and are more effective at implementing coping strategies. Finally, self-compassion can even increase your ability to bounce back during a breakup or divorce and shorten recovery time. 

To see if you need a self-compassion boost, here are five tell-tale signs from the folks at Happify:

  1. Nothing is ever good enough
  2. Your way is always the right way
  3. You ruminate repeatedly over your missteps
  4. You see things as black or white, with no gray
  5. You have an intense fear of failure

For more on how to practice self-compassion in the workplace, check out the infographic below: