Video Transcript

00:07 Bonnie Schnitta: Just because it's a great idea, doesn't mean people are going to pick up on it. You have to get the word out there and get enough people interested so it has its own momentum. I was just so used to a world of scientists, that you publish a paper, and everyone reads it, and now you're recognized and you get to this upper echelon, which is where I was when I started my company. But there is this whole different arena of the architects, the interior designers, and other business people, people who own commercial spaces.

00:38 Schnitta: That was the point where I said, "Oh, I need to get involved, getting to know more people". There was finding the right accountant, there was finding the right corporate attorney to help set up structuring. There was finding the right patent attorney, because we have patents. Experts became very important. Sometimes you think you're smart, that you can figure it out on you own, and you start to read and then you realize that, how much you don't know.