Video Transcript

00:07 Eric Albee: That started in 2003, and I think I had 2500 in the bank that I was able to take a shot at this with, and what I saw back then was an opportunity and of course I saw some potential customers out on the market. When I landed my first huge contract, a big contract, was an opportunity that we had to do a, an air freshener device for the fun folks over at Bath and Body Works. So, I sit down with my bankers, and literally, put about two and a half three million dollars worth of orders in front of them, looking for an extension on my line of credit, only to be told that it was too high of a risk.

00:44 Albee: Now, in a normal situation, you would look at that and say, "well, okay, we can't really take on this project," but we just didn't accept that. I went back to my business partners in China, struck a new business arrangement, putting more profit with them, and it probably never been seen before, went to a few different non-traditional banking avenues as well as, well, of course you always get used to leveraging everything you own. But we persisted. We just didn't... We just didn't give up when, when we got hit with those road blocks along the way. Just, just continued, continued along and made it a success.

01:16 Albee: Keep persistent, never give up, make sure you plan appropriately, make sure you have a solid plan in place, never quit, never surrender, and stay true to your plan.