Video Transcript

00:07 Terrence Kelleman: We saw an opportunity to market to a whole audience of people by creating really simple videos with a point-and-shoot camera in a studio, and by luck we were one of the most viral videos in 2006. It revolutionized our company and changed it overnight. We never had made one video up to that point on that little point-and-shoot camera and then for four years, it's all I did was make videos. And now we have seventeen million channel views of our YouTube channel. So seventeen million times people watch our videos for free.

00:38 Kelleman: Many people don't think of YouTube as a search engine, but more and more today everyone uses YouTube as a search engine. In fact it's the second largest search engine on the Internet next to Google. With the YouTube-Google partnership there, you also have a great potential for marketing because more and more search results are bearing video results. There's also enormous opportunities within YouTube to create ads, so you can create an ad on YouTube that gets served along with all the organic search results at a very low cost-per-click.

01:09 Kelleman: There's very little risk in products like YouTube or social media products that have very little downside. It's worth trying. What's the worst that happens? Nobody will watch your video.