With ransomware attacks and security breaches headlining the news daily, you would think (or at the very least, hope) many business leaders are making strides to build, improve or reevaluate their security capabilities. We wanted to confirm that hypothesis, so we looked through our user data to see if the apps Okta's customers use reveal a change in behavior -- and we noticed a few interesting trends.

Today, the majority of the fastest-growing apps in our network fit into two categories: security and collaboration. Seven of the 10 apps either directly protect company data, or offer tools that make it easier to respond to security breaches; and the other three seek to connect organizations across the globe. The categories weren't so clearly defined in our last report, showing a shift in how users are using workplace apps today.

Here's the latest line-up, with a team of new players:

  1. Jamf: This Apple device management platform has exploded in popularity in the last six months, jumping nearly 140 percent in usage. The tool helps its customers -- ranging from educational institutions and governments to every Mac-using organization in between -- better manage their Apple devices. It was built by IT experts looking for a more efficient way to manage these devices, and its rise to the top of the fastest-growing list reveals that our users have been eager to embrace it.

  2. KnowBe4: Not having the resources to educate employees on security protocol isn't a good excuse when you fall victim to a phishing attack. Especially when KnowBe4 exists. KnowBe4 focuses on endpoint security, providing companies with security awareness tools that include simulated phishing attacks, weak password tests and security training for employees.

  3. Digicert: Digicert secures information shared over the Internet by encrypting everything from logins and data transfers to credit card transactions and social media browsing. It's also working to secure IoT connections, which will become more and more essential in a digital-first world.

  4. Zoom: After making a splash earlier this year as the top fastest-growing app, the video and web conferencing tool Zoom remains in the top five. Zoom's continued growth points to a widespread business need for tools that enable collaboration across disparate offices and workforces.

  5. StatusPage: StatusPage, which was acquired by Atlassian last year, refers to its offering as a status and incident communication tool. It enables organizations to transparently communicate when experiencing downtime, and provides insight into website and product performance.

  6. InVision: InVision enables design teams to collectively ideate and collaborate on various projects. The platform gives teams the freedom to design, review and user test products, and provides tools for prototyping, task management, and version control.

  7. Cloudflare: Cloudflare works to give web page visitors a fast load time and smooth experience by optimizing web page delivery through its data centers. It also has a security focus, which blocks threats from accessing servers, and helps organizations improve their website performance.

  8. Workplace by Facebook: Workplace brings Facebook's familiar social media platform into the office by giving the capabilities employees know and love -- joining groups, live streaming, messaging and scrolling through a news feed -- a business spin. The ultimate aim is to connect a global team.

  9. Sophos: Sophos provides endpoint security with threat analytics for user devices, servers, and web and email traffic. It blocks malicious websites and stops viruses, which not only frees company bandwidth, but also protects company data and employee information.

  10. Cisco Umbrella: This cloud security platform blocks attacks before a company network or endpoint connection is established. Cisco's network security service was on our most recent fastest growing list as well, showing our users' steady focus on securing their networks and data.

Our data shows that  organizations are increasingly leveraging tools that enable collaboration and, at the same time, protecting company data and employee identities. While the fastest-growing apps in our network are constantly changing -- today the list captures the way organizations are adjusting to the constant security threats and changing technology landscape.