It's no secret that people who refuse to quit achieve more success. Consider the back-stories of your favorite business leaders, innovators and entrepreneurial icons. You'll likely find yourself immersed in gripping tales of their struggles, hurdles, and set-backs. Ask almost any founder of a company if they ever feared the day they couldn't pay the electric bill or make payroll, and many will describe, in great detail, the stress those situations created in their lives. 

It's no secret that the can-do, never-quit attitude will get people further in both their life and career. It is not surprising that a strong desire to achieve a dream will create better results than a marginal effort. And, it's no big shocker that someone who can appropriately handle challenges and disappointments will discover success more often than someone who throws in the towel at any sign of failure.  

All of this seems glaringly obvious. But what is not so obvious about resilience are three aspects that rarely get discussed--and they're the exact reasons highly resilient people are so critically valuable to any organization or team. These aspects are: 

1. They know what it's like to win. 

We often don't think about winning when we talk about resilience--the winning moments are somehow dismissed or overshadowed by the tough times that are currently facing the people who we see as resilient.

But winning is just as familiar to resilient people as losing is. They know what it's like to stand out on top. They've been there in some aspect of their life and they want to stand on top again. Resilient people aren't simply trying to survive. They're not simply trying to meet expectations. They're not in the game to play safe. They want to win. 

2. They know what it's like to lose. 

At first, we might want to assume that knowing what losing feels like builds character and strength. It does.  However, truly resilient people understand something about losing that many of us have a hard time digesting--that losing is okay.

Resilient people see losing as a learning experience. They not only get to study the winners, but they get keen insight into the reasons they lost. These insights help them perfect and hone their skills. They help them tweak their approach. And, truly resilient people don't mind losing numerous times--if losing teaches them enough to win in the end.

3. They no longer fear either.  

I don't want to over-complicate this point, but I also don't want to underplay its importance.  Although the fear of winning and the fear of losing might seem like two very different things, they're actually quite similar.

Think of all the people you know who are scared to ask for a promotion because they fear it will somehow offend their boss or put their current status in jeopardy. Think about the people you know who are timid about sharing their ideas because they fear being chastised or ridiculed. Or think about the people you know who won't apply for their dream job because they fear the change it might create in their life.

Truly resilient people, even if they have these fears, don't succumb to them. They understand they need to chase progress. They understand they might win or they might lose, but either way it goes, they'll get right back at their goal. Because, honestly, truly resilient people fear nothing more than not trying.

Resilience isn't something that happens to people because they're cursed with a string of bad luck. Instead it's a choice people make during every season of their life and career--a voice that says, "no matter what the outcome is, I'll keep pushing forward."  

Oh. Here's one final thought. When you find a resilient person, don't dismiss them. Instead, hold on tightly because when the day comes that you drop the ball, they'll be the first to pick it up and head towards the goal line.