There are so many books, podcasts and articles on productivity hacks. As the CEO of a fast growing staffing and recruiting firm, and the father of three, the below list allows me to have a productive day in and outside the office. The key is finding what works for you. This is what I've found most helpful for me:

Tip for your morning routine: Get out of bed. When the alarm goes off, roll out. Don't lay there, and don't look at your phone. Sometimes a cold shower is enough to get my blood pumping. 

Mid-morning tip: Jump up and down for 30 seconds. It makes you smile and gets your blood flowing. I stole it from Tony Robbins, and it works!

Do a one-on-one for 15 minutes. Grab a staff member you don't know well, and ask questions and listen. It will get your brain thinking. 

Lunch tip: Try not to eat alone. If I am hustling for a quick lunch between meetings,  I'll either ask a staff member to go with or eat it in the kitchen where I can get some face time with my team.

Mid-afternoon tip: Take a walk - 20 minutes outside, and let the wind hit your face.  Again, this is another opportunity for a one-on-one.

End-of-day tip: Be reflective and write down your thoughts. Don't overthink. Just jot down what affected you, positively and negatively. 

Tip for your commute home: Don't get caught up in one thing for the commute. Too many people only listen to music or only listen to podcasts. Too much of anything is too much.  Rotate and keep it fresh. If you're in your car for the commute, add in calls. Not just to your friends, but clients, coworkers and bosses, too. And your mom or dad!

Tip for dinner and family time: Share your day with your kids. Tell them about your team if you're a manager or a coworker. If you volunteer time to a charity or industry association, explain what you do. Tell them the stories of difficult people and the good things that happen. 

Tip for happy hour: Socialize after work to invest in your career. The early years in any job are an investment, and you get out what you put it in. If you like what you do, you won't mind doing it; you'll embrace it. Share with your husband or wife and/or kids what you were doing and why. What you are doing pays for the house, the food, the car, the vacations...share the why. It goes a long way.

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