Throughout my career, I've played one of two roles. I was either the creator, or the executor.

I started my career in sales at 22, and as a sales person, I was an executor. I had a set number of calls to make each day, a set number of meetings to schedule, and a revenue goal to achieve. I was told how to do my job, and I executed it, well. Sometimes, I got to be the creator and took liberties in how I captured a prospect's attention -- a creative voicemail, a silly email, etc.  

When I founded my company 21-plus years ago, I had to be a creator and an executor. I had to come up with the ideas to grow the business, and because I had a staff of three, execute those ideas in the trenches with my staff.  

Now, I find myself less often in the role of executor, and more often in the role of creator. If the business is going to continue to grow, my role needs to evolve and my time needs to be spent guiding others with the expectation that they will execute.

Execution at a high level is a skill, so surrounding yourself with those who excel in this area is crucial to growth.  

The bottom line is that throughout our careers, we will fluctuate between being great creators and executors. Neither role is better than the other, and learning how to be comfortable in both roles is essential to our development.  

Which role will you play today? This week? This month? Creator or executor?

Remember, for many entrepreneurs, the ideas flow easily and the execution is difficult. Figure out your strengths and weaknesses and recognize when you need to switch roles.  

Published on: Jan 28, 2020
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