Video Transcript

00:10 Tom Gimbel: I think one of the lost arts of growing a business is having meetings, not for the sake of having meetings, but for the sake of building relationships and dialog. And its very similar to going through some sort of family or marriage counseling, is that when you have an organized set time to make sure that there's communication on certain topics, relationships tend to get better and stronger. And when your only talking in ad hoc situations about certain aspects of the business, than you're not developing the really deep relationships. And whether its for an hour a week or a half a day a month, getting every team together... Not all together, but a management team, a sales team, an accounting team together, and really talking about the issues that are at hand, you start to get a different type of relationship and synergy amongst people. I think its something that's forgotten, especially an entrepreneurial company where a lot of times people are working in a bullpen type area, and everybody's together all the time anyways. And you think, "Oh we don't need to have separate meetings in the conference room or off-site." But those are really the things I'm confident that they changed and transformed my company.