Video Transcript

00:10 Tom Gimbel: There are a lot of places and a lot of classes you can take on how to be an effective manager. Unfortunately, when you're an entrepreneur and you're starting your company, you're not thinking about those things. You're thinking about where your tactical strengths are and where you're really technically strong. And the key is, with managing staff, is, it is part art and part science, and you need to combine those things. And too often we think, "Well this wouldn't bother me, so it's not gonna bother them." and you really, I think, the number one key in meshing the art and the science is empathy and understanding what people are going through. And at the same time realizing, that the same person who needs a kick in the butt, may be somebody else who needs a pat on the back. And at different times, people need different things and taking the time to get to know these people. It might be getting a beer after work, it might be going out for a meal, it might be catching a ball game. But there's really a lot of different ways and different types of languages that people are responsive to in the workplace and you need to find out what language that is for each employee.