Video Transcript

00:10 Tom Gimbel: We like to say that there's a butt for every saddle and you have to realize that there's different types of people. People who wanna be behind the camera, some that wanna be in front of the camera, some that wanna do sales, some that wanna do accounting. What is monotony to one person is an enjoyable job for somebody else, and the key is it's how you present the position, and how you find out what somebody's looking for and make sure it's a good fit, and also, to find out what the duration of time is. If a job is so brutal or so mundane, is to figure out what the life cycle for somebody in the role can be. Maybe it's that six months is an acceptable time period in a boring job. It really gets down to "Can you manage your expectations as an employer?" Once you get to that point, you can be really successful in hiring.