Ghosting is the newest social norm to make its way into the job-search process.

Just how people "ghost" someone by not showing up for a date, we're seeing that in the job-search process. People aren't calling hiring managers back, they're not showing up for interviews, not showing up for their first day of work after accepting a role, and even not coming back to work without any notice.   

In today's world, there is a lack of formality. People are bringing this casualness of society to work. It's part of the culture we have now. People are confirming interviews over a text. They're texting their boss when they're sick; whereas, before it was an email, and before that it was a call. This isn't just a millennial thing either. Everyone has defaulted to this.

Ghosting mirrors the economy. With the country's low unemployment rate, job seekers and employees are more confident than they've been in a long time. They're taking more risks and don't care as much if they burn a bridge because they know there are many other open positions to choose from. They're taking advantage of the candidate-driven market we're in.

Candidates or employees who ghost have a short-term lens on their career.... they think, "What can get me the most right now?" What they're not thinking about is what happens when the economy slows down.  

When someone accepts an offer and doesn't show up on day one, or when an employee just stops showing up to work, they're costing that company thousands of dollars. Consider the amount of hours spent recruiting and interviewing candidates for that role, the dollars and time spent training that employee. Regardless of how much time has passed, companies keep track of everyone they meet and keep notes. If that employee or candidate were to ever try applying again, the company will pull up that note.

No one wants to deal with confrontation. People who ghost are scared to call up the hiring manager and say, I applied to three roles and after I accepted a position with your company, I heard back from another that I am choosing to take instead....I've changed my mind.

It's okay to change your mind! They will respect you more when you call...not text, call. If you do this, you won't burn that bridge. Companies talk to each other. Its a small world. You never know who knows who. It's just not worth it. 

Have a long-term lens on your career and understand your actions today can be a future career-killer.

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