I often get asked, especially for leadership roles, how do you know if someone is the right fit? How do you hire?

I respond with the question: How will you manage?

It doesn't matter who you hire. If you manage them poorly, the most competent people can fail. It's important to set expectations starting day one and not just on performance, but on communication...up, down and sideways.

It's easy to default to your great people and say, "Why can't everyone be like Jane?" Because they can't! Superstars are rare, and usually they are great in one or a few areas, but they still need to be managed and developed in other areas. The best employees are self-learning, self-motivated and learn from mistakes. Everyone isn't great, and most need to be managed. Accountability.

Management isn't about the easy employees. It's about creating a team and culture, managing behavior and not tolerating those who go against your beliefs.  

And don't default to, "They make a lot of money, I shouldn't have to manage them." That's a cop-out for not wanting to be confrontational and not wanting to work hard.

Business is a team sport. If you want your new hires to work out, plan on developing your skills as a manager.  

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