Dress up!

Today is a fun day. We have some of the most random costumes I've ever seen from cowboys to movie characters to technology apps.

I was a cowboy and our human resources team dressed up as Bath & Body Works scented candles. Average Joe's was the costume of one of our recruiting teams versus another recruiting team as Globo Gym.

Work is challenging and hard (hopefully). Oftentimes corporate leaders turn into "serious" people who think of leadership all of the time and lack empathy for the rank and file.

Great leaders have empathy. They remember that staff simply wants to have a connection to management and leadership. What better way to identify with your team than a costume party for Halloween?

For those who think it's too much of a pain, or feel silly, or just don't like Halloween, get over yourself. Make life fun and embrace your people. Little things make people happy. If dressing up like something silly creates a common bond, consider yourself lucky.

If you want your people to be excited about their work, their careers, and their company, then get excited with them about life!

Happy Halloween!