A friend of mine who runs a high-growth tech company shared an app called Calm with me. It's a meditation and sleep app. The sessions are between 5-20 minutes depending on which you use or need. They are broken into groups; focus, anxiety, calm, sleep...wherever you feel you need to get to. Headspace is another popular app. Calm is free and for a small amount, you can upgrade with more sessions. Which app you choose to use is irrelevant. There are hundreds out there. Find one you like. 

My problem was I didn't do it routinely. When I felt out of sorts, I would meditate. When I was tired in the afternoon, I would use it. However, there wasn't a rhythm to it. Like anything in life where the results are worth it, getting there is hard to achieve.  

I was reading an article about the chairman of the $70 billion conglomerate, Tata Corp. He meditates for 90 minutes every day. Every day! It creates the path for him to execute at a high level. Compared to 90 minutes, 15 minutes is a walk in the park.  

Meditating isn't easy. It's hard. Your brain will jump around. It's hard to stay focused on breathing. Yet when you do, it's incredibly clarifying. The question I ask myself is why not do it?    

During one session, the app informed me it's about being aware that the thoughts are there - not so much what the thoughts are. The perspective of knowing that you are entertaining thoughts is crucial to being able to focus.   

You may think it's hocus pocus or goofy. Call it what you want but realize you can't ask your team to step out of their comfort zones to think differently in business if you aren't willing to try new things to gain focus.   

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