What do Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders and Republican candidate Donald Trump have in common?

Nothing you think? You're wrong.

The reason they both are attracting followers isn't because they are polar opposites. It's because they speak in real words like real people.

They don't speak down to people, and they don't dictate that everyone else can or can't think. They don't use "politician speak." They tell you what's right and what's wrong. Period.

Now, their views of what's right and what's wrong differ vastly, but their messages are succinct and to the point. That's what resonates with people, and that's something CEOs and business leaders can learn from.

When CEOs speak to their staff, their management team and their customer base, they should be transparent and to the point. They should be honest about what they think. They should have a plan to execute on their ideas. They should inspire the people they're talking to.

The best leaders inspire in two ways:

1. They know their content.

2. They speak like they would to their friends.

Knowing your content isn't about reading off notes. It's about really knowing the subject. That's what made Steve Jobs so great--he knew what Apple was producing and why it was great and he communicated that to employees and consumers.

When companies hire CEOs from the outside, you can tell which ones dig in and learn the nuances of the company versus those that look at balance sheets and inventory reports. Knowing the business is different than knowing the numbers. It's about leadership EQ versus business IQ.

Your staff, whether it be salespeople, operations, call centers, developers or marketers--they want to be inspired. Very few intellectuals inspire if they don't have the ability to talk to people rather than at people.

Learning how to communicate is a skill, and not every CEO has it. It takes time and effort. It takes practice. It takes a desire to become better. It's not something that's easy to develop, but it can make a big difference in how your company, team and customer base perceives you.

While neither Bernie Sanders nor Donald Trump may not win the election, they have inspired people based on their message. Not only the content, but also the delivery. People like listening to and being around real people. There is no doubt that what we see with both of these guys is really who they are.

When we listen to the other candidates, a lot of us often wonder if they are just talking to win votes versus believing what they say. Employees listen and react the same way.