Please don't say that Tom Brady leading the Patriots back from 28-3 in the second half of the Super Bowl teaches you that you or anyone can overcome anything. You can't. The fact that you are comparing yourself to Tom Brady is ridiculous.

What it shows is that if you are the greatest quarterback of all time playing for the greatest coach of all time you have the ability to come back. If you train and prepare all the time to be great you can overcome.

Brady's diet, practice habits and accountability of self and teammates is legendary. Do you do the same? Brady doesn't drink alcohol or coffee. Do you? Brady is first on the field and last to leave. You?

Most importantly, Brady wants to be critiqued. He wants to be called out in front of his peers. He knows it makes him and his teammates better. Brady doesn't want extra PTO. Brady doesn't complain about his manager (coach) to his peers, he defends him. You?

My intent isn't to be a hard ass. I'm not Brady or Belichick either. I just don't believe the lesson is learned from their comeback. The lesson is learned from the lead the Falcons gave up. No matter how far ahead you are, you need to always be ready for every situation.

While stats don't lie, the lead was huge. However, the defense was on the field the whole time and people were getting tired. No matter how far ahead you are, against internal or external competition, for a sales contest or for more business with a customer, there is always someone more prepared and more aggressive coming at you. No lead is safe.

People asked me if I wanted the Falcons or the Patriots. I love the underdog as much as anyone. Rocky Balboa is the ultimate story, but he overcame the champ because the champ didn't practice hard and didn't take him seriously. Plus, he worked and lived it 24/7.

I wanted the Patriots because excellence is so rare in life. Seventeen years of dominance; seven Super Bowls; five wins; six straight AFC title games. It just doesn't happen often and we should enjoy seeing excellence.

I'm sure the detractors will say there are cheating stories out there, just like how Microsoft stole from Xerox, Google manipulates algorithms, Mark Zuckerberg stole Facebook, or that Tesla stole from Edison. Greatness is always accused of stealing because the ordinary can't help but throw darts at the extraordinary. I'm not saying anyone mentioned, including the Patriots, are squeaky clean, but that doesn't take away from what makes them great. Rarely has anyone successful been void of controversy. It comes with the territory.