Inc. Magazine is most famous for the Inc. 500/5000 list. This list shows which companies in America are the fastest-growing privately held organizations.

I have always taken great pride (as I think all our staff has) in making that list, and we have done so for nine consecutive years, which is almost a record.

So, when Inc. decided to come out with its inaugural list of Best Workplaces, we applied and secretly hoped. While LaSalle Network has won its fair share of awards, being a high-growth company and a best place to work is a combination, which is hard to beat.  

Well, we made the list! And it feels really good. However, I had an employee tell me today that a member of her team doesn't feel appreciated, and it reminded me of why I started my company 18 years ago.  

I had worked in places where I grinded and produced, and I was made to feel inadequate. When I started LaSalle Network, I vowed that if people busted their ass for me, I would create an environment they would be proud of and feel appreciated.  

I looked at this specific situation and know it was a miscommunication, because I/we do appreciate the employee. Whether it be promotions, bonuses, trips and awards, it doesn't matter if we aren't speaking the same language and are miscommunicating to one another.  

I started this company to create a special place that did great things for clients and where we could grow and earn good livings. We are doing that.  

The one thing that can never stop is making sure we are developing our people and treating them well. Like an internet connection, sometimes as a company grows, it loses some bandwidth. The great places to work keep constant tabs on the bandwidth and revisit all employee relationships, and make sure people feel valued. It's not easy, but creating something great rarely is. 


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