What's your motivation, today, tomorrow, the next day, every day? Is it...

  • Wanting to win; beating competitors
  • Making money; controlling your income and earning raises and bonuses
  • Sense of accomplishment: "I did that!"
  • Owning responsibility; I manage an $XX book of business 
  • Earning a promotion 
  • Being viewed as someone who is really good, a subject matter expert
  • Proving you are better than others
  • Not wanting to fail
  • Wanting to help your teammates
  • Wanting to make your boss(s) proud

It doesn't matter what your motivation is, just acknowledge what it is and use it to push you daily, especially when times are tough. Use it to fuel you to put in the early mornings and late evenings. To call your clients on the weekends or entertain them at happy hours, ball games or dinners.

Our careers are the one thing we own. Our reputation. What we accomplish. Not the lies we tell ourselves but the factual representation of what you have earned. How we treat people. How we are viewed, our work ethic, our follow-through, our tone, our demeanor, the results we produce. We own that. Career achievements are purely about "how much you want it," and learning how to play well with others to accomplish your goals. It's a skill unto itself.

When people have a j-o-b (and job hop) they take a paycheck and move on because they don't like their boss, don't like a project, don't like the hours, etc. They build excuses as a reason why. They point the finger as to why they moved on or why something didn't work. They lose out on the sense of accomplishment of overcoming those obstacles; on fighting through something, learning to communicate with those higher up and their peers, building an inner strength, and simply listening, learning and getting stronger.

Motivation can help us achieve anything, and what motivates us changes throughout our lives. Spend a few minutes daily, weekly, monthly thinking about what drives you, and then share it with your mananger. It doesn't help them best coach and manage you if they don't know what drives you. 

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