Spring comes around and everyone thinks about spring cleaning their homes and offices, physical spaces, but my belief is people really need to focus on where they're at mentally and spring clean their minds. Eliminate the emotional clutter that's holding you back.  

My boss wronged me last year. I didn't get a raise. I wasn't selected for a project. I didn't do well on the project, so I'm terrible at my job. I didn't get promoted.

And this isn't exclusive to just employees...leaders, too. I failed as a leader. I gave the wrong advice. I set a poor example for my staff. I suggested the wrong thing. I came off weak and indecisive.

Let. It. Go.

Focus on moving forward and not looking in the rear-view mirror. You must move past it. Instead, think about your current role, and ask yourself, what am I going to do to get the job done the right way moving forward and not live with emotional baggage. 

Step one: take small wins. Whether you're in sales and constantly going after big contracts or an accountant really trying to make a big difference, do the job that you have today as best as you can.

Make your cold calls, balance the general ledger. Do the core basics and take note of and celebrate the small wins. Don't just wait for a home run every time. You may get that home run, but you'll also strike out a lot so go for the singles and doubles and celebrate those. It will boost confidence and morale. If you hoard the negative thoughts, you can't and won't move forward.

Step two: if you're feeling a certain way, talk about it. An employee to their manager, or manager to their employee. Acknowledge the feelings and thoughts. Talk about a failure or acknowledge the fact that you didn't like how a meeting or conversation went. Stop assuming the other person is a mind reader and knows everything you're thinking.

Step three: meditate. Pick one of the many apps out there (I like to use Calm or Headspace) and dedicate a few minutes to yourself daily. It will help you let go of the clutter and refocus. 

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