I've been a reader my entire life. I've always read books and articles, and I would rip articles out of magazines to save them so I could refer back months and years later. Did I always remember to go back? Of course not, but they were there.

I got better at retaining information when my eldest child was in high school. His teachers would mark up his homework with annotations, and he'd review and learn from the notes. Why wasn't I taking notes?!

I use a highlighter or pen, and always a blue, red or green pen. The black blends in with the text. I underline. Write notes. Draw a chart/graph. It helps me remember the connection to my business

I used to just dog ear the pages, but the problem with that is 1. I never went back. 2. I had to reread the whole page to try to remember what struck me.

If you're anything like me, one chapter, page or paragraph will remind you of someone you work with, whether it's an employee, a partner, a client, or vendor.

I make my notes, and when I'm done reading for the moment, or after I complete the chapter, book or article, I'll go back and review and create a list of what I want to follow up on.

Reading is learning. We retain some information and forget some. However, if you read like you are studying for a test, you will retain more and use the information more. It's powerful.

After all, your career and job are a test in real time. Too often our favored quote is "I'll remember that..."

Happy reading...learning...note-taking.

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