Video Transcript

00:10 Tom Gimbel: I think what we did was, we actually took a step back, while we've grown fast and especially pre-recession, '05, '06, '07 when I'd had the company around for seven, eight, nine, 10 years. The thought process was, "We can grow faster if we hire subpar people for what we needed." And because we needed people so badly. And we made the decision to say, "We're gonna slow down our growth a little bit and really focus on quality growth and if we do, then we'll start to gain the traction, we'll get a snowball effect and really get some fast speed." And that's what happened over the past three years where we went from $20 million in sales to over $37 million in sales.

00:48 Gimbel: And so, the focus is having a plan, but don't sacrifice your quality prematurely to grow. And then, in doing that, you need to make sure that you're retaining your people. So, you have your client interface, then you have your acquisition of new talent, getting them into your company, recruiting, but the area that's most often overlooked is retaining your key people. And also, developing that junior staff to become mid-level managers and senior level producers for you. So, I think I try to spend as much of my time on retaining and developing my internal talent as I do in any of the other areas and that's really allowed us to continue to grow.