Video transcript

00:10 Tom Gimbel: Motivation is probably the hardest thing for an entrepreneur to do. You had the motivation to start your own company and now you're looking to figure out how to motivate others who aren't inclined to start their own company. Get go, they have a different mindset than you do, and then you start to think that you want to treat everybody the same way, but everybody's got different motivators. And really, when you're going through that interview process is to find out from the candidate what motivates them and why. And I think a lot people will say, "I'm motivated by money" and then to give examples of how that worked, or, "I'm motivated by helping my team." Tell me how that worked. If you are motivated by helping your team, but you never stayed until 10 o'clock at night to help a teammate on a project or you never gave up a weekend to help your teammate on your project, is that really true? So, I think the actual ability to probe two or three questions deeper than the superficial answer can be very helpful on that.