I was listening to a live interview with Michael Dubin, the co-founder and CEO of Dollar Shave Club. When the interview ended, it went to a Q&A, and a man with a thick beard loudly said, "Clearly I'm not a customer, but I have a question."

Dubin said back, "Do you wipe you're a**? We sell butt wipes."

It got me thinking about our brand, and I realized how most consumers, B2B and B2C, really only know you for what they actively buy. They may or may not be aware of additional things your company provides, but if they aren't paying you for the service or product, it isn't top of mind. 

Now a company called Dollar Shave Club has a challenge selling butt wipes since they aren't called Dollar Butt Wipes Club. But when I look at my company and any other companies, I think about how well we cross-sell our offerings.  

There may be a different buyer for different offerings. Your buyer may have different relationship they value with other vendors for your other offerings. It could be possible that your client doesn't even like you, but you have a dominant position for one offering and they have to use you.

The key is you have to look at your cross-selling opportunities and realize it isn't enough to ask for more business. You have to find out WHO they currently use for those services, and why they choose to use them?

The question is why didn't the bearded man know that he could buy butt wipes from a guy who sells razor blades for a buck? 

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