Work should give us a sense of fulfillment. For those who garden, seeing their flowers bloom is a sense of pride. For people who work on cars, the engine humming makes everything right in the world. But at work, the majority of people view it as a negative. "I have to work." That is a true statement, as bills have to be paid and food must be purchased; however, the type of work you do is up to you. And more importantly, how well you do the work and how quickly you do the work, is up to you

We have gotten to a point where people want to do the "fun" things, or the tasks they view as fun, without earning it. Staff wants to be in the management meetings and help decide the decisions of the company, yet they don't want to produce for several years as a staff person to earn the promotions to make the decisions. An employee wants to become a speaker on topics at conferences, yet they don't want to put in the time to achieve great results, they'd rather spout opinions than facts based on experiences.

The goal of hiring an employee is to get a piece of work done well that results in the company being able to get paid for their end product or service. Whether it's front-line sales and delivery, or back-office human resources and payroll, the job needs to get done, and when it's done well, celebrate! Otherwise you'll have employees dread coming in and default to the line at the start of this article..."I have to work." I'm not writing about handing out participation trophies, but real, legitimate wins - small or big - should be celebrated.

If someone works for your company for a year, two years, five years, doesn't that deserve a celebration? Not a mention on the company intranet. A celebration. If they weren't good, wouldn't they have been fired? They should be. Companies with great cultures tend to terminate bad employees. Bad in performance or bad in attitude.

At our company, for every employee's anniversary of their hire date, we have a party with snacks like ice cream, vegetables and dip, cake, cheeseburgers and fries, etc. We try to customize it around the employee (cost allowing), and make it fun. The people in that office gather around and give a standing ovation and cheer for the employee. You did it! You added value to our company. And today, on the anniversary of the day you CHOSE to work here, we celebrate you!  

Business and work is life and should be happiness. The feeling you get when you accomplish goals should be acknowledged by more than an email. It should be celebrated. 

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