Whether you have a young sales team, or experienced salespeople who are new to your industry or just new to your company, summer is the season for them to go 100 mph.

The old talk is that business slows down in the summer. Executives take vacation while their kids are out of school, Friday summer hours, etc.

These are all excuses. There is always a reason not to do things. The question is, when is there an opening you can take advantage of?

Summer can be the best information-gathering time when doing research. Other people are covering while vacations occur, and oftentimes it's newer people covering beacuse they have less time to take off and they tend to speak more freely...they're more open to sharing.   

Also, depending on your transaction size, other people may be able to make decisions while the "usual" contact is on vacation. And even better, if your contact is off touring the country on a road trip, you may be able to get a meeting or run into their boss. Because you both are working while others are on vacation, there is a bond of empathy that is automatically created.

It doesn't matter the level you are in your career. You can buy into the complain game that there are "bad times" to sell or be working, or you can seize the opportunity to work when your competition is at the beach.

The choice is yours.

Carpe diem.

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