It's the people, stupid.

We live in a world surrounded by technology. There is no getting around it. Whether it is our computers, our database, the cloud, our phones--everything is technology.

Taxis were hailed by people, now we use Uber. Reservations were made on the phone, now they are made on OpenTable. We went from calculators and pencils to Excel, SAP and Oracle. We stored the data in our closet, and now we store it in the cloud. Heck, there are driverless cars.

Meeting people at bars and being introduced by friends has now been replaced by swiping apps and Or has it?

Nothing replaces meeting someone face-to-face. Nothing takes the place of meeting someone and feeling the connection by happenstance.

So while online dating is popular because it's easy, it hasn't replaced meeting people and asking them out. The same goes for the hiring process.

The last bastion of B2B business that entrepreneurs are trying to turn upside down is the hiring process-using computers and algorithms to make sure you make the right hires. As if what people write on resumes and put on LinkedIn is always true.

Companies need recruiters because someone has to dig the ditch. Recruiters love technology, and phones and email are the equivalent to the giant CAT digger that replaced the shovel. But someone needs to operate it and someone needs to make the decisions on the right people to move forward and to identify what's BS from what's authentic.

If everything on paper was true, every high school valedictorian would be a CEO and/or a billionaire, and the bottom quartile would be bartenders. Everyone from Harvard isn't a superstar and college dropouts become billionaires.

Software can't tell you that, the same way it can't tell you who you are going to love. If were really the best way to meet, you would only need to go out with one person and you wouldn't be given any further options.

We don't have computers negotiate with other computers for world peace or multi-billion dollar mergers. And while venture capitalists and private equity firms are starving for the next best thing in the technology space, they better keep looking.

There are databases, which store information. Great. There are procurement tools, which control hiring spend. Terrific. People are the lithmus tests for culture fit.

Technology has made it cheaper and easier to advertise, but it doesn't replace the instrumental role humans play. The people part of the business is the business. When it comes to hiring, technology doesn't create more creates more hay.