Convenience store 7-Eleven and drone delivery company Flirtey recently paired up to make a truly spectacular delivery, bringing slurpees and other food items to a home in Reno, Nevada. The idea of drone delivery isn't new, but the way 7-Eleven and Flirtey pulled off the slurpee drop is, and millennials can especially take a lot away from the event. If you haven't seen it yet, take a look: 


If you're not an expert, hire one.

7-Eleven's expertise is in food and gas, not technology. Thus, to make the dream of delivering to customers in an innovative way a reality, the company found another business that specialized in drones. Millennials can be very independent and "me" oriented, but admitting what you don't know often can move projects forward faster and yield better results than if you shouldered all responsibility yourself.

You haven't finished first or been all that innovative if you've left what customers look for behind.

Customers want to receive their products or services according to expectation. In this regard, 7-Eleven and Flirtey knew that they had to define success as more than just moving items from one location to another. They carefully designed the delivery box so hot and cold items were separated and wouldn't spill, ensuring that everything delivered was sanitary, enjoyable and what the customer had in mind.

Take time to find the real issue before you try something new.

Millennials expect  on-demand data access, and they know how to research and compare.  Unfortunately, psychological considerations such as a fear of missing out sometimes lead millennials to stop researching and analyzing prematurely. The adaptations they implement in their businesses thus can miss the competitive mark, targeting the wrong areas and endangering the original foundations of their brands.

Here, the issue isn't 7-Eleven's products, which are fine, but the fact that even a grab-it-and-go approach isn't good enough anymore for their increasingly tech-savvy customers. 7-Eleven thus is focusing their innovation on access, leaving the brand itself otherwise untouched.

7-Eleven might be the first company to deliver slurpees by drone, but they don't have to be the only company that learns from the success!