Bots are no question one of the hottest sectors for 2016. Startups, mainstream media, angel investors, venture capitalists, and even Facebook are all hopping aboard the bot train. If you're a business owner wondering what the future of customer interaction looks likes for your company, it's time to jump head first into the bot mayhem.

To give you a glimpse at this heated sector, here are 3 companies currently offering bots-as-a-service (#BaaS, anyone?) technology. You'll soon realize the power of bots for brand building and more importantly, how they could help you and your business today.

Motion AI is a chat building platform. Their interface lets you create bots that do everything from having conversations with your customers to taking payments for products/services rendered. They offer a flowchart for developers to guide you through the process of creating your own bot. If you have wanted to create a bot for your business but were afraid to try, Motion AI is a must-discover resource. Try ordering a demo pizza on their site -- it was a pretty enjoyable experience, but I hope you aren't hungry for a pizza. It's a tease.

Do you find yourself constantly looking for a document that you wished was conveniently saved in your digital back pocket? Well, look no further than Pogo, which is a bot integration for Slack (similar to Slackbot). It's basically a productivity bot, but it does everything from creating to saving pertinent links, important spreadsheets, sales documents, etc. Never worry about digging for information again once you have Pogo on your side. Just imagine what you could do with those new found minutes. 

If you haven't heard of, yet, their belle of the ball is Amy Ingram, your own AI bot that serves as your virtual personal assistant and schedules all your meetings. Sure, it takes some getting used to and admittedly, Amy doesn't yet appreciate my witty humor (#Beta), but aims to eliminate the back-and-forth of the estimated 10 billion meetings that are conducted a year. They also boast that their top customers saved more than 11 hours per month with Amy. No surprise here that they're fresh off a $23M Series B raise that was led by Two Sigma Ventures.

Dozens if not hundreds of bots will be jockeying for position within the bot startup sector and the space will continue to get increasingly crowded as bot fever takes hold. The underlying excitement behind bots are how they amplify the customer experience, how they make you more productive, and most excitingly, how they will evolve. If you aren't already, are you considering bot technology for your business this year?