It's the middle of the day, and we see you getting another cup of coffee or reaching for that energy drink. Yeah, we feel you. But just stop it. Whatever the reason for your afternoon slump, these nifty mind tricks can pull you through it.

1. Split up your tasks.

Even if nobody in the office knows you've finished something, your brain does. Completing a small task, be it reaching that elusive zero inbox or finally getting rid of all the TPS reports on your desk, stimulates the reward centers in your brain, giving you a boost of feel-good endorphins. Each time you reach a milestone and tell yourself "Done!" you give yourself a fatigue-fighting boost.

2. Turn on some new tunes.

Music can warp your sense of time, giving you the impression the minutes are speeding by instead of inching along. But your brain also responds to the novelty of new songs, with your reward centers lighting up and releasing dopamine. That can leave you feeling both happy and energized.

3. Pay attention to how many people you have around you.

Research indicates that, although everyone feels drained from too much socializing, extroverts feel better when given the chance to be around others for a while. The anticipation of long-term benefits that can come from socialization, such as money or improved social status, stimulates the reward centers of the brain and releases chemicals, like dopamine, that make you feel happy. If you're an introvert, though, the constant processing and analysis of what's going on around you can sap your energy. If you're an extrovert, schedule meetings and social tasks in the afternoon. If you're an introvert, keep that time for yourself so you can try to recharge.

These methods can work by themselves, but feel free to pair them with other healthy options like yoga, sneaking more protein into your lunch, or getting more sunlight for a maximum power up.

Published on: Oct 24, 2016
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