Thanks to the rapid advancement of technology, it seems like there's a new, revolutionary and ground-breaking company emerging every other day. It's nearly impossible to keep track of who is doing what, but personally, I like to use existing products and services as a benchmark and see who is making those better. Alas, here are some top up-and-comers to keep an eye on:


What They Do: CometChat allows developers to add voice, video, and text chat to websites and apps. 

Why I Like Them: CometChat is like the Skype of the future (and I'm an avid Skype user). Users can share screens, translate dialogue, use whiteboards, and even interact with bots. The bots can tell you the weather, post GIFs, process PayPal payments, and more. It's easy to use for customers and developers alike and CometChat's intuitive UI makes it easy for developers to integrate CometChat into their app. 

Milestone: They've helped over 50,000 companies increase engagement and monetize traffic. 

What They Do: With, customers can create personal profiles which help customize the advertisements they see. 

Why I Like Them: In a world where targeted ads involve your age, race, sex, Facebook "likes," or even your Google search history, marketing often feels a bit too close to home. Whatever happened to privacy? seeks to change this by allowing users to share what they want and customizing which ads they want to see. They can customize their internet experience without giving away any information that they'd prefer to withhold.

Milestone: can generate $5 of ad revenue per user and increase content engagement by 400%  


What They Do: Covve has a unique address book for business professionals to network. 

Why I Like Them: Move over LinkedIn, Covve is here. With this app, you can categorize your contacts, add notes for calls and meetings, receive contact reminders, and autocomplete missing information. This simple yet state-of-the-art app will revolutionize your business relationships like you've never seen.  

Milestone: Professionals in over 130 countries use this app.


What They Do: With Echosec, you can access social media data by location across multiple networks such as Twitter, Youtube, Reddit, and more.

Why I Like Them: Want highly targeted insights on what's happening anywhere in the world? Sure you do. Echosec leverages powerful analytics, an on-the-ground perspective, and instant alerts to provide value to marketers, journalists, security contractors, and financial advisors alike. It's basically an all-in-one business intelligence solution for the social age.

Milestone: They just secured a US patent for digital publication monitoring by geolocation


What They Do: Apptivo combines all the apps you need to run your business into one handy suite.

Why I Like Them: If one company could allow you to become a jack-of-all-trades indeed, Apptivo would be the one. Need expense reporting, CRM, help desk, order management, or a million other things? Apptivo is here to help. It also connects with products you already know and love such as Office 365 and Google Suite. This utterly customizable app grows with your business and will always remain relevant whether you're a billion-dollar tech giant or a dorm startup. Plus, you can access Apptivo from anywhere - your phone, tablet, laptop, or any other device. 

Milestone: Over 200,000 companies use Apptivo's suite of over 50 apps. 

Each startup is innovating their niche world in their own way -- and it seems to be working really well. It'll be exciting to watch how these companies continue to re-shape their verticals.