I've always been a kid at heart during Halloween. That's especially true when it comes to costumes. In my youth, I did it all...marshmallow peep, a beer keg, the Burger King (and bought some burgers that I gave out -- pro-tip on making insta-friends), and back when Austin Powers was all the rage, an inflatable Fat Bastard costume (sadly, the fan stopped working, so I turned into a Skinny Bastard). That said, I always had to wear a costume that would make people laugh, but nowadays in the work world, some costumes can walk the a fine line between funny and NSWF. Luckily, there are ways to creatively refine those ideas guaranteed to strike that funny bone, while keeping it work appropriate.

By infusing humor, creativity, and modern pop-culture (you know, staying relevant is key, too), you're going to be the hit of your office holiday party. Here are the 7 winners.

HEYMA, Amazon.com

It doesn't matter if you're the intern or CEO -- anyone coming into the office with this glorious costume will get major points. If you're the intern, there's a 20% chance you get a full-time job offer (not really, but you never know -- this could be your big break). In all seriousness though, if any intern actually does wear this and goes on a 'coffee run' that day, please have someone recording you while picking up Starbucks (or wherever you go) -- that's a piece of viral content waiting to happen.

Rasta Impasta, Amazon.com

Love them or hate them, they've been all the rage this year, and I'm pretty sure none of your colleagues are thinking about actually dressing up as a physical fidget spinner. So, you'll bonus points for novelty, creativity, and humor. And, if you actually have a spinner in your pocket, that'll be next-level accessorizing.

Morphsuits, Amazon.com

Don't scoff. Thanks to the recent remake, they're back. Yes, they'll most likely be worn by children this year, but more 'power' to them. I haven't been to any park ranger parties in my lifetime, but for anyone in that profession, I'm sure your peers will get an extra kick out of that (so would Leslie Knope).

Eds Industries, Amazon.com

Don't know what it is and quite frankly, I don't care -- it's amazing. I'm sure inflatable tech has drastically improved over the decade, so I wouldn't be worried about it deflating on you, but if so, consider yourself the newest member of the Blue Man Group. The costume will bring humorous levity for sure.

Costume Culture, Amazon.com

So, beyond the clear victory of being able to channel your inner GoT fan (off-season, too), odds are, the majority of your office has heard the name 'Jon Snow'. If they haven't, it opens the conversational door for you to passionately educate them on the greatness. This is probably the one time you can wield a sword while being work appropriate, too.

Fun World, Amazon.com

For anyone trying to go in on a group costume, this is one of the best I've seen (and it's affordable, too). Your workplace pals will surely be entertained and be prepared to play interactive 'rock, paper, scissors' games with everyone. I call rock!

HouseHaunters, Amazon.com

Depending on your budget and willingness to 'wow' your peers, I'm pretty sure this takes the cake (or banana, I suppose). It's one of most unique costumes I've come across so far, too. Bonus points for giving a pitch or presentation in this. I mean, let's be serious, just having a conversation with someone without them laughing will be an accomplishment.

Regardless of which costume you choose, it's all about the tasteful execution that still allows you to let your creative and humorous side shine, eliminating the concerns of it not being work appropriate. So, get out there and have fun with it.

What's your favorite? Did I miss any? Let me know!