Google is so much more than just a search engine. If being the planet's biggest and most used tool to surf the web wasn't enough, here are a few clever ways to use Google that you may not know about. 

Genius Trick #1 - Google can calculate your tips

Nobody should have to stress and fuss over who owes what at the end of a meal. If you're the kind of person who already has their smartphone on the table anyway, just Google "tip calculator". Then, enter in the total bill, the percentage tip you want to give, and the number of people paying -  it'll quickly tell you what each person should pitch in.

Genius Trick #2 - Google can help you lose weight

Actually, Google can help before the bill comes, too. Google two foods to compare their nutritional analysis, for example "apple vs. orange", and Google will lay out the total calories, fat, carbohydrate and protein in each food so you can compare them at a glance (you're welcome). 

Genius Trick #3 - Google knows when your flight is

There are many Google tricks for travelers. Simply Google "distance between London and New York", for example, to quickly find out the distances between places.

If you're flying, just type in your flight number and you'll get a full itinerary without needing to visit a separate site. Once you're done with that, search for "weather" plus your city name for a quick weather forecast or "Waikiki sunrise" for the exact time the sun rises.

Genius Trick #4 - Google also knows where your package is

Just type in your full tracking number and Google will tell you where your parcel is.

Genius Trick #5 - Google is a calculator, timer and more

Type "calculator"  or just start typing your sum into the search bar directly, and Google will figure it out for you. You can also use a quick timer by typing "set timer to 10 minutes 30 seconds", for example. The timer starts immediately.

Google can also do any kind of conversion for you: just type in "20 inches in cm", for example, or "30 GBP in USD" for a quick currency conversion. Lastly, although you should probably not tell your geometry lecturer this, Google can calculate the area of different shapes. Just start typing "area of ... " and set your dimensions. Luckily, Google also happens to know the answer to life -  just Google it and see.

Genius Trick #6 - Google is a word nerd

These hidden features are not just for the mathematically inclined; try typing "etymology" after any word to get a quick run-down of a word's origins, or "anagram" to give you, well, anagrams of that word. This trick also works for synonyms, antonyms and definitions. To find Google's translator, just type "English to German", for example, then enter your phrase.

Genius Trick #7 - Google is fun

Search for "Atari breakout" in Google images and the pictures will form the colorful bricks of this classic game.

Type "Zerg rush" for a StarCraft-style game where you have to defend your search results from a rush of zeros.

Type "Google 1998" and your browser will immediately show you what your search results would have looked like way back in 1998.

Google may have started out as a humble search tool in the late '90s, but has since earned its status as the preferred mail, storage and social networking platform for most of the world. As the company moves towards complete and utter world domination, try to see if you can use some of these quick "Easter egg" features in your daily life.