Despite having some heavy competitors like Amazon, Hulu, and VUDU, Netflix continues to give most of us an irresistible 'press play' finger (or 'skip intro' button -- best feature ever). But just how irresistible is it? Netflix naturally wanted to find out, so it surveyed roughly 37,000 people from around the world. The staggering results show that we take our video watching pretty seriously, and in ways you may find surprising. 

We don't care others see

Netflix found that about 67% of us watch in public, with only 18% feeling embarrassed about doing so. This makes good sense in that video always been seen as socially OK--think family movie night, for instance. But given how stressed most of us are, we also like something somewhat mindless or uncomplicated to do on breaks or downtime. Thanks to the proliferation of mobile, we can use streaming as that "something." The survey also found that the most popular places to stream were on planes, buses or while commuting, for example.

But perhaps our obsession has grown a little too far?

  • 17% of respondents admitted they were so engrossed in a show they missed their stop on their commute.
  • Almost half (45%) said someone spied on their screens as they watched.
  • 11% said looking at someone else's screen ruined a show for them.

Oh, and my personal favorite...

  • 7% said they watched Netflix in public restrooms

(waiting for someone, or a replacement for the proverbial newspaper/magazine, perhaps?).

But wait, there's more

And if that weren't a little unsettling and creepy enough, consider this: 26% of respondents said they binged on Netflix while at work. Now, some of this might be breaks or the nature of a job--for example, a repairman at a factory might need something to do while waiting for something to come off the line to fix. But it also could mean that people are abusing company time, and that companies are losing productivity thanks to the entertainment giant. The fact more people in the United States stream in the office than in other countries might be telling.

The good news? It's super easy to block the website or self-control access with an app.

Let me just finish this episode first...Stranger Things isn't going to watch itself.