ThinkGeek, the online retailer behind all your favorite nerdy merchandise, recently revealed its latest line of April Fool's products. These awesome products are some of the funniest things you wish existed. So, it's time for fans of Jurassic World, Rick and Morty, and other geeky franchises to rejoice -- let the nerd in you shine.

Fortnite R/C Battle Bus

krvv fortnite rc battle bus inuse

Oh yes, you see that right, folks. Your own remote-controlled Battle Bus. The exciting part is syncing to your phone or tablet, turning on the AR map, and transforming your backyard into a Battle Royale frenzy. Flame effects are included (obviously). 

Bluetooth Pet Rock

krvr bluetooth pet rock charge

The 1970s classic gets a 21st century update with a Bluetooth upgrade. It has a wireless range of 33 feet and an eight-hour battery life. Best of all, you'll never need to feed it, walk it, or clean up after it. Talk about rock-solid innovation. 

Quest Management Kit

krvq quest mgmt kit inuse

Want to improve productivity while having fun? Look no further that this innovative system to supercharge your workforce. Gamify your management style and create "quests" for your workers. This kit comes with Convertible Status Hats with yellow exclamation points, so employees can show they have quests to give, just like something out of World of Warcraft.

Rock 'em Shock 'em Robots: Tesla vs. Edison

krvu rock em shock em

One of the greatest scientific rivalries continues with an update to this classic game. Win the War of Currents the way any Victorian gentleman would - with fisticuffs! It's a shockingly good time!

Rick & Morty Screaming Sun Alarm Clock

krvn rm screaming alarm clock inuse

Now the screaming sun from planet DCBL can be in your very bedroom. Wake up to the lovely sound of 42 consecutive hours of non-stop screaming. Nothing will wake you up or get you out of bed faster.

Note: This isn't the ideal gift to anyone with roommates.

Jurassic World Dinosaur Detection System

krvt jw dino det system

Nothing signals an approaching T-Rex better than a rippling cup of water on the dashboard. Now you can detect nearby dinosaurs on your own or stay hydrated when running for your life. It's everything you need to prevent yourself from going extinct. Stay safe. 

Star Trek Klingon Language Fridge Magnets

krvo st klingon alphabet magnets fridge

Learning a new language can be tough, especially when its main speakers are extraterrestrial humanoids. Fear not because these fridge magnets make learning Klingon easy and fun! You'll receive oversized magnets for each letter of plqaD, and multiple copies of common letters.

4and6andMe Stat Discovery Kit

krvm 4d6andme stat kit card

Who cares about ancestry when you can discover your real-life stats? Send in a saliva sample and receive a character sheet in 6-8 weeks. You'll receive your class, ability scores, attributes, and everything else. Plus, you can get Race and Alignment information for a small additional fee.

Alien Facehugger Snorkel Mask

krvs facehugger snorkel inuse

All the fun of a facehugger, but without the bursting chest! This ThinkGeek exclusive will perfectly fit your face. It creates a watertight seal and has a flexible snorkel clip that decreases jaw fatigue. The lens is coated to prevent fog, so you can keep an eye out for the perils of the deep blue.

Note that these products aren't real, but definitely wish they were. Kudos to ThinkGeek for being great at listening to its community being known to turn several other April Fool's items into legitimate products. If you want a real gift, check out their website for a Groot USB charger, Justice League fidget spinner, the legendary Ocarina of Time, and whatever else your geeky side can dream up. 

Published on: Apr 1, 2018
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