Warren Buffett and Bill Gates might have gotten unfathomably rich in wildly different ways, but when it comes to a philosophy about what success requires, the power pair are very much alike. The two business gurus revealed what they think got them to the top during a May tour of an Omaha, Nebraska Furniture Mart, which Buffett owns.

The secret sauce, according to two of the world's best-known billionaires

It turns out, you actually might have heard this song before: Just find something you love.

"Being successful in almost anything means having a passion for it," Buffett insists. "If you see someone with even reasonable intelligence and a terrific passion for what they do, and get people around them to march even when those people can't see over the top of the next hill."

Gates agrees. The computer titan says that building Microsoft--now worth an estimated $86.5 billion in revenue--was "incredibly fun".

But why passion? Why aren't pure skills enough to get you by?

Quite frankly, a lot of business isn't glamorous. There are disagreements and problems that make your brain hurt, people who tell you you're nuts, and logistics that exhaust you. Those thorns can make you want to quit. But passion tips the scale. It gives you the willpower to get over the hurdles, whatever they might be, stay interested and keep moving forward. It makes whatever you're experiencing seem more tolerable and less stressful, which has huge implications for both your health and happiness. 

Passion, my friends, is a powerful coat of armor that is baked with resilience.

But there's another element, too.

Passion is visible. People can see it emanating from you. They're drawn to the positivity, curious about why you believe in what you're doing. They start asking questions, looking up to you. And suddenly, you've become a leader who's got all kinds of connections you weren't even trying to develop. And every single investment, every sale, starts with a trust-centered relationship.

Passion might not make you a billionaire. But it lets you be your best you. And that, ultimately, is the real definition of making it big.

It's up to you to show it.