Sweater? Jacket? Thanks to Under Armour, you don't have to choose between the two anymore. The company's new Swacket, which just came out for both men and women as part of the fall 2016 line, blends the two traditional garments to offer something completely fresh.

One garment to rule them all.

The Swacket might look like an ordinary hoodie or pullover, but it's got a cool trick up its sleeve: Under Armour's incorporated its signature UA Storm technology into the garment. That basically means it has treated the fabric to give it a water-resistant finish. At the same time, Under Armour hasn't forgotten that performance gear needs to be, you know, comfortable.

The base of the Swacket is dual-layer fleece with woven overlays, so even as you get the protection of a jacket, the Swacket feels soft. It is lightweight and breathes well, wicking away moisture to keep you dry. The result of the construction is an ultra-convenient, functional but cozy all-weather garment that lets you transition seamlessly from indoor to outdoor activities.

The tradition of awesome, like profits, is growing.

The Swacket is just the latest example of why Under Armour has become an industry powerhouse. In addition to creating innovations like UA Storm, the company has blended technology with clothing in items such as 3D printed shoes, aiming to tackle common problems like athletic overheating/chill, muscle repair, and odor in lines like Infrared and Heatgear. It also has positioned itself as a fashionable, strong face of digital, acquiring apps like MyFitnessPal and producing a full range of fitness devices and accessories.

In taking advantage of these opportunities for growth, Under Armour has given itself maximum flexibility to address multiple markets, with sales projected to reach $5 billion in 2016 (a full billion more than 2015).

Under Armour has been pioneering performance gear for years. If you're looking for a great garment to add to your closet or gym bag, or if you just want some evidence of Under Armour's continued pursuit of innovation, the Swacket fits the bill.